Which photo of the Ukrainian invasion has impacted you the most?

Just imagine you’re 22 years of age and you just got hitched and the day after your wedding, Russia attacks your country. Men are told to remain behind and battle, ladies are informed they are permitted to escape to somewhere safe abroad, as are kids and the older. So youthful spouse needs to remain. Youthful spouse doesn’t… yet she remains behind in any case. Since she loves her better half.

They spend their honeymoon gathering rifles, gathering slugs, and preparing for one of the most incredibly fearsome armies of the world right now to come into their roads. No walks on the beach by sunset, no trips, no exciting travels… their honeymoon is fight or die, sink or swim It’s severe. Extremely difficult to envision but, for certain individuals, this is reality. My initial wedded days were joyful, full of exciting new changes. These two gutsy people spend theirs looking out of windows, searching for propelling tanks and attempting to avoid foe fire…

Some of the Russian fighters are youthful, as well. Excessively youthful. Around 200 captured Russian fighters were supposedly just 19 years of age and “barely aware of what they were doing”. Ukraine permitted them to telephone their moms back home in Russia. War isn’t glorious it’s killing poor kids for the greatness and advantage of elderly billionaires.

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