The couple spent 10+ years with addiction on drugs

Following couple spent 10+ years with addiction on drugs. Their drug addiction behavior is totally different . They are from different sides of the world from one another. Kyra is from England and I’m from America. Totally various societies and childhoods. Anyway their roots were something similar. Depressed, lonely and hopeless. They were both beaten and broken by drugs.

The way both of them decided to live and the recovery process has completed remarkably.  Together they need to have an effect in the existence of everybody they come across.

This couple has surpassed the black era of their life cycle and they do not know what type of actions they have done in that period. They said that once addicted they can not prevent it from consuming .

According to researchers, drug addiction is truly harmful to the human body. Once we consume the drugs it will change the biochemical reaction in the mind . Then it affects the whole human body and changes all activities of the body. Once it starts , it is unable to stop  instantly.How ever if the person has strong will to get rid of this , the person could recover from the addiction as this couple has done. 

They said “ We are blissful and solid. We are hitched. We are the two guardians. We treat each other with affection and regard. These things are conceivable on the grounds that we are clear headed.”

Recovery is beautiful. Connection is beautiful. Love is beautiful

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